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Destruction of Earth

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4 hours ago, paradime said:

Both Tesla and Space-X invest BIG $ in their own AI R&D 


This is coming from a guy who's cars crash semi-regularly using their self driving AI, and named his newest kid "X Æ A-Xii"





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On 4/1/2022 at 3:39 PM, paradime said:


Yes, and I understand that when taken out of context, my words can be very triggering for some. As for this being a cry for help, brother I'll take as much as I can get. Now, can someone please pull my finger so I can get back to work.








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17 hours ago, paradime said:

Sorry neither CNN or Fox covered my concert, but picture this. It was a warm September day 1990, mid afternoon in the North Beach district of San Francisco. My GF, now wife Melinda and I were Sunning in Washington Square Park right in front of Saints Peter and Paul Church where Marilyn Monroe and Joe De Magio got hitched. There was a group called Those Darn Accordions who were razing money to compete in the International Accordion Contest in France. They played Lady Of Spain over and over, and invited anyone willing to make a fool of themself to pay $5.00, get on stage, and sing a verse with them. After a while, Melinda handed me a fin and said "Go ahead, I dare you". Of course I didn't want to play the fool and said no...  Well, she kept poking and pestering me, so I grabbed her 5 bucks, got on stage, lowered the mic, and armpit farted a perfectly synchronized, but mono-tonal rendition of Lady Of Spain in front of the entire park. I was fine, she was the one pink face mortified. 






OK this is good enough. Thanks for the story.

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A rogue AI would explain some of the more un sane things in politics and human behavior in the last decade. In just a last few years there have been incomprehensible things happening seemingly by accident because it's so hard to imagine who in their right mind would do them? Take flat earth, UFOs, ancient aliens, most miracle based religions and a whole host of nut bar tin foil hat theorists.... It's obvious that we humans have a blind spot, a weakness, for lack of a better word.... faith. Faith does not require proof, it just is. You simply cannot apply logic to someone with faith. Faith has been exploited by humans forever. 'Faith healers,' evangelists, oracles, mediums, priests, scammers all use faith against us for their own ends. What is to stop an AI from subtly manipulating the media and internet to recruit some humans against the rest?


What could we expect from an AI? What would one do or want? Well if you were suddenly 10 times smarter you might develop a way to be even more smarter but just being the most intelligent thing on the plant should be enough. So what would you do? Could we assume that with increased intelligence comes increased self preservation? Would we not look to the future and see where we are going? Would we not better our position in the present? Might we alter things to achieve this? How long can an immortal AI survive with the direction this planet is headed?


Could increased intelligence better ponder things like morality, right/good and wrong/evil. Low intelligence humans can, would it apply to an AI? Would an AI look round and striving for right/good, see faults/evil in the humans around them. Would altering humans towards good, for their own good, be on the table? Like a farmer, good genes... keep, bad genes... weed out. Altered humans could alter the world.  


Interesting perspectives. How would a benevolent form of AI even be developed? Like you said, taken to it's inevitable conclusion, artificial hyper intelligence will offer an unparalleled advantage over the rest of humanity. Humans don't have the cognitive capacity to manage an entity with 10, 100, 1000X greater intelligence, let alone understand if it's a threat. Even then, who would we trust with it; Chinese gov, our own gov, G8 joint oversight, a private corporation like Cray Computing, Tesla, Google, or academic institutions who are all developing advanced AI, maybe just trust AI to monitor itself? Morality is irrelative when this hyper intelligent god computer loses interest in managing our insecurity, and petty struggle for power. Human nature, corrupt oligarchic capitalism, and the ultimate advantage of whomever possesses the AI Holy Grail, this literally guarantees AI will be weaponized in one form or another.


Shit, I hope Morphious finds the chosen one before it's too late.




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Interesting perspectives. How would a benevolent form of AI even be developed?


Hu, deja vu










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A hyper AI would fully explore every facet, past or present of human behavior. It would also thoroughly explore human constructs such as good/evil/ethics/war and so on but naturally these would not apply to it. There would be a terrible disconnect between us and an AI. Imagine us as compared to a bacteria or us compared to a deadly bacteria. The first can be ignored but the second cannot and without a second thought action is taken. Occam's razor.... the simplest solution is usually the right one.

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On 4/6/2022 at 8:49 AM, Logical1 said:


Not far fetched. Several years ago, I think it was Google, who was working on natural conversation AI that would understand spoken  thoughts and provide an appropriate vocal response. They got the software up and running but quickly realized how much human interface it would take for it to learn and recognize subtle pop culture nuance, language cues like inflection, sarcasm, or metaphor so it was back to the drawing board. Someone on the development team had the idea of letting two processors talk to each other running the beta software to see what would happen. As expected the conversation was awkward, stilted, and repetitive at first, but quickly ramped up to such a degree it couldn't be monitored in real time. The rate of speech and complexity grew exponentially but after a few days it was unplugged because it appeared they were just speaking gibberish. When viewing transcripts of the conversation, the development team discovered these isolated computers had begun eliminating reoccurring thoughts, expressions, and polite phrases, or condensing them into a unique series of characters until what they were saying had evolve and become unrecognizable as English. It appears they had created their own language because grammatical spoken English was too inefficient. 

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, angliagt said:

      I'm thinking that it's best to agree with whatever she says -

I don't think I'd want to piss her off.

It gets funnier if you look closely at the morale patches she is wearing.

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