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NOS shift knobs

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i bought some nice shift knobs off a guy on craigslist. he says they are upgrades that where availible for z cars in the seventies. the one with the datsun logo will go on my b210 since its a dogleg 5, and i will use one 4 speed one on my truck until i upgrade to a 5 speed. looks like only the 5 speed knob was ever used, and they all came in the little boxes with a extra bolt that i dont understand. sorry for the bad pic but my camara has sucked lately, i dont know how to set it up i guess.


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Clocking the shift knob is where you put the bolt on first then twist on the knob. Once you have the name/numbers facing the way you want you tighten the bolt up against the bottom of the knob. Doing this will make sure it doesn't move and you end up with a crooked or upside down lettering.

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