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L16sss specs and info


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I’m considering driving a little ways to pick this up, $200 with an auto transmission l16 with the hitachi su carbs … price seems like a no brainer carbs alone are worth it… how do I ID this engine to know if it’s a sss motor? Is it likely for a sss motor to be attached to a auto? Most importantly anybody have a good link to info on l16sss and l18sss engines? I want to know the differences.. 


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Positive that that is a 3N71B automatic, new in the 510 sedan and wagon around April '71 and also the same year it was an option on the coupe. It also dates the engine (well I suppose someone could have put a newer 3N71B on an older engine) as a '71. Good news is that the '71 came with L16SSS and an optional L18SSS engine so you might have an L18. To ID the block look behind the oil dip on a flat eraised boss on the top edge of the block. The engine size is stamped there. Another thing that distinguishes a true SSS engine is the head ID. Look along the bottom edge of the head between the 1 & 2 spark plugs. It should say MADE IN JAPAN 219. The 219 is the true closed chamber large port and valves SSS head. The pistons will be flattops but the head would have to come off to see this. This cannot be a '72 as there were no '72 coupes. Fingers crossed but... nice score! even if just the SUs and the intake.

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