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The little truck that could

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My Suburban blew a hole in the bottom of the pan, not sure what ti is yet....probably a rod.  Anyways, it died on the side of the road, about 4 miles from the house.  Guess what I dragged it home with?  An '86 720.  


That beast was tough to get moving.  I only pulled it in 3rd....for about 2 miles, then 1.7m to my house.  But, the 720 got here home.


I fashioned a tow-rope out stuff that I'd found along the roads...tie-down straps.  Lets just say, that I ain't getting those knots out as they are tight.

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I've pulled many broken down friends home in much heaver vehicles than my 720, they are tough! As for your tow line, if you want to save it, hit the knots with a hammer and then work on them a bit, repeat. Its an old riggers technique.

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              My brother bought a new basic Hardbody truck,then bought a big boat.

He said while going up a hill,the weight of the boat/trailer ended up pulling it backwards.  

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When I lived up north, I was working on my boat when a guy pulled into the marina hauling a 40' sail boat on a trailer.  He was pulling it with a volkswagon beetle and had come all the way from Fla.  I would think that the hardbody would pull the load?

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