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80 510 stuff same as 710? Trans swap ?'s

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Theres a guy close to here parting out an 80 510 with an auto trans. I know it should be a long tailshaft so theoreticly the cross member should work with a ZX 5 speed. Now, will the crossmember swap over to my 74 710 that I am swapping the 4 speed out for a ZX 5 speed? What about the driveshaft? Same length? Rear diff the H165 or bigger?

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According to my notes, the HLA10 (newer 510) should have a short tail tranny in it. Go over an measure it to be sure. It should be an F4W63L tranny about 660mm or 26" long.


I think some dog leg 5spds were available for these cars but they would be short as well. Also being an '80 the bell bolt pattern wouldn't be right for your L series motor. A '78-'79 HLA10 5spd dog leg should work though.


Just checking...You do have a short 4spd in your 710 right?

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