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1975 620 brakes firm/soft


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Hello friends, im having an issue with my brakes in my 620 75'. The brakes feel normal when the truck is off but the brake pedal goes to the floor when the truck is turned on (no brake pedal pressure). Any advice moving forward will be greatly appreciated. If topic has been covered please point me in the right direction. Cheers.

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First loosen off the emergency brake adjustment. Then adjust front and rear brakes so that they just rub when spinning wheel by hand. Step on the brake to center the adjusters and recheck and adjust so the wheel rubs when turned. When done, reset the emergency brake. Loose adjustments make the brake pedal travel farther than needed and feel mushy.



The 620 has a brake booster that magnifies your foot input pressure making stopping that much easier. To check it's operation, step on the brakes several times to exhaust any residual vacuum in the booster. Step down on the brake pedal normally and hold. Start the engine. What you should observe is the pedal will drop slightly towards the floor as intake vacuum rises. This is normal.

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