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Should I cut this?

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I am taking off my clutch master cylinder. The master cylinder unbolted but there is a problem. The pushrod is held by a pin that has a lip on it and won’t come off. Also there is no c clip on master cylinder. Should I cut this pin and put a bolt on it when I put everything back together?


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 The threaded push rod should have a clevis on the end. (the U shaped part) That's the clevis pin that goes through the pedal. The hole you see is for the cotter pin to keep the clevis pin from falling out. The clevis pin should just push out to the right

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It’s a Frankenstein car. I thought like you the pin goes thru the clevis. I pulled the cotter pin and tried to the pin out. But I think the pin has a mushroom topaz’s won’t come out. So do you think I should cut the pin?

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If deformed maybe it's just wear. Will it wiggle out? How would it be installed??? better yet how did it get that way??? Hardly seems likely that someone peened it over while in the car.

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Well I just checked it on both ends as it went thru clevis. It was mushroom on both ends. I agree with you why would someone do this? So I cut it off with a sawzall. I took the offending part and couldn’t figure it out. So I took hardline and screwed it into master. I know I have to bleed it but just wanted to see. The new master has inlet on side in the front. The old one had inlet on the top front. I just had to bend hardware a little. So how do I bolt clevis to pedal? Do I let out rod until it just bolts up to the pedal?



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Pin should go through the the clevis with the pedal in between and stick out the far side. The hole is for the cotter pin so the pin can't fall out. I don't think this it the stock part.

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Ok I will look for a pin and not use a bolt 😳. The motor and transmission are Datsun. I am going to mock up the clutch master and see how far the hole for pedal and clevis and adjust rod accordingly. I still have to put slave cylinder on so it should be fun.



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