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red/blue wire constant power

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My running lights stop working on my 72 %10 wagon. Replaced light switch and still not working. Prior to changing the switch I noticed I blew a fuse in the light system. I did the headlight with relay conversion7 years ago. Everything was working fine. The running lights just flickered and now I have nothing. All signals, flashers, brake lights work just the running lights don't work. 

My question is my light switch has a fat black wire which is not shown in my 72 Datsun 510 wagon wiring diagram. What I did to make it work was using a red/blue wire nearby that had constant 12 volts which provides power to my headlight relays.

The red/blue wire based on the wiring diagram is for the left headlight from the fuse box. But on my wagon this wire is up in the dash behind the instrument panel. Is there another wire diagram that uses this red/blue in the dash?

I backed probed the wires for the running lights to the fuse box and all is good. 

Anyone have any thoughts?


NOTE: I have the ka24de conversion via the CAN AM box.

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I would go to the switch and ohm out which is ground.

then the other side trace back to the fuse box and find where the power droped off or work back to the switch if you dont have a diagrame.

if goes to the glove box area maybe reseat the the connectors

also soemone told me there is a ground wire by the hood release lever but I cant remember

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