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Window Stripping

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Where can one purchase window/door rubber stripping  that fits all around the door in the track in a classic Datsun B210 (1976)Where can one buy window stripping/gasket that fits in track all around the door on a

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Are you talking about the felt/rubber that goes in the door frame and the window runs up and down in?

Some call this the glass run, rubber where it meets the inside of the frame and felt where it meets the glass.


Edit: If so, I may have roll around here somewhere that I got through Nissan fairly recently. I'll look around later today and see if I can find it and post up a pic with the part #. Also, I think Datsport in AUS has weather stripping for these cars but will have to verify the name (from some stuff that is also most likely out in the shop).

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Datsport is where I got weatherstrips for my wagon. They carry a wide range of rubber for Datsuns.


If what you are talking about is this:


This is the part #


Also comes with application chart for various models; B110, B210, 510,610, and some others



If anyone wants, I could probably scan the chart to pdf and email and or post here


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Edit: Got this # off of 1 of the Keepers threads
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Nissan USA still sells, but kinda expensive!  There are numerous aftermarket..........I think even Precision (windshield, backglass seal etc mfr).  I just bought off eBay for my 521, looks fine, but have not installed.  Bottom line, being a B210, you might have to measure your car, but buy application that is longer?  It always simply comes in a roll, so if a 510 2dr is longer, buy for the 510 2dr & trim to fit!


Looks like Kelmo's pic shows the length for the B210.........??  The multiple pics/drawings are showing you where to "notch" or cut per car, which is helpful, but you can just mock it up, trim notches, then glue in place...........again, as long as what you buy is LONGER than what you need 😁

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It does give dimensional info and where to cut notches.

I will try to scan this later on today and see how it comes out and post what I can in this thread.

I have a 4Dr 510 that will need this done and I plan to try using the chart as I have done 2 1200's and a 510 wagon by "mocking it up". Let's just say I'm "OK" at mocking stuff up so I'll try with directions and see what happens.


Don't nobody be holding their breath waiting for me to do it either.😎

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