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Ignition Lock and Cylinder Switch

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This has been a problem for sometime.On my 85.I have the tilt steering and locking steering wheel.When I pull my key out of the ignition,the steering does not lock.I can jiggle the key sometimes and it may  lock,so when I open the door the ding ding comes on.Also my steering wheel will move up and down.It won't lock in place.The locking lever won't keep it locked.I have removed the steering column and checked it out to see why it is not locking down.I guess the ignition lock and cylinder needs to be replaced.Has anyone else had this problem and replaced it.I know it has a lock screw that you have to break to get it off but a new one doesn't come with new lock screws.So how do I fix it with a new part and best place to get from.https://www.nissanpartsdeal.com/parts/nissan-lck-strng-swith~48710-20w10.html?vin=&make=Nissan&model=720 Pickup&year=1985&submodel=&extra1=&extra2=&filter=(1=K%2fCAB;2=Z24;3=DX;4=F5;5=LONG;6=4WD;7=FED) Rock auto has this...https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=43986&cc=1210352&pt=10041&jsn=837&jsn=837 ...Found these screws but they want 47.63 bucks...not going to happen..a international seller on Ebay...I will have to have 2 keys,one for doors and glove box and one for ignition.


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You don't need those screws. Any metric machine thread screws the right length will do, probably pennies at a hardware store. The locking system in my 84 tilt column is starting to fail, but I am guessing wear someplace in the lock lever mechanism. I am a welder so might be an easy fix for me.

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