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NWMotiv - Cars and Coffee / Car Cruises

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They post about the upcoming events on the Instagram page here: https://www.instagram.com/nwmotiv/ but most events are held in the greater Seattle area. 

I believe they have it going as every 2nd Sunday of each month now, but the most recent one was held this last Sunday 1/9/2022 and ran from 10am till noon. I got out of there a little early but there was easily 300+ cars of all walks of life - though generally leaning more towards the import side. 

Here's what I thought highlights were before before I got out of there:

LS swapped

1J swapped






Mexican 4door

Wicked clean coupe


This dAdvan is great


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There will be another one this weekend, I won't be in town, but for those interested:

We are back on for our Cars and Coffee meet with @empirecoffee.np this Sunday, 2.13.2022! Come and hang out before the Super Bowl!

If you guys were at last month’s meet, then you saw how big of a turn out we had. As a result, there were some issues and working with the property owner and the businesses in the Normandy Park plaza, we’re implementing some changes. We know that not everyone is going to see the map or know about the changes, so please if you and your friends attend, spread the word!

More info: https://www.instagram.com/p/CZsuDw1rJK5/

Note: there is about 1/2 as much parking this time as there was last time, as the local businesses were super overwhelmed with how big the last Cars & Coffee was - so it's worth showing up early if you intend on going. 

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