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Plowing snow today-crunched my front grill


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Edit: Adding picture of the carnage.


I was plowing snow today and swung my backhoe a wee bit too close to my 720 and crunched my front grill. This was my backup grill form the parts truck I used to have. I think I could epoxy the whole thing together.


I just got it running again after the last repair and I was kicking myself for not being a bit more careful.


These things are getting hard to find!



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I have brand new 720 4x4 black grill with the orange stripe across it in the box.I bought it off Ebay right before I was getting  my truck painted and the fed ex driver tossed it over my 6 foot fence.I seen him.It was cracked.So I contacted the seller on Ebay and he wanted to give me 40 percent off.I told him no and he sent another one that was package where it wouldn't get damaged.He said just keep the damaged one.I had the body shop put it on after it was painted,plus I have a brand new one that I am keeping,bought it awhile back and it doesn't have the orange stripe.The paint shop took off the orange stripes off the grille and side lights.I am glad they did cause they fade in time.It probably can be fixed with JB WELD Steel Reinforced Epoxy Putty.I have a tube of it right here,just kneed it then apply it,let dry,then sand and paint it.You can have the grill,just pay for shipping.Also got some new top clips to hold in place.You can apply the Epoxy on the back side and it won't be seen.





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I ordered a similar one as a backup in case this one get further crunched.



On 1/7/2022 at 12:32 PM, Thomas Perkins said:

I have brand new 720 4x4 black grill with the orange stripe across it in the box...





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That is some seriously righteous patina.  Sorry about the grill.


I was parked at the ski area, hiking, someone hit my bumper and hood, in a basically empty parking lot.  They left a note on the windshield, blaming me for where I parked - wtf.  I was in the second row of stalls, most cars were in the first row of parking stalls.  The Taiwan-bumper is super thin, didn't quite fit right.  The hood still functions, but, the first time it didn't want to open without persuasion.

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