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do i need the stock 8 spark plug distributor in order to get both coils to fire on z22 ?


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If the module is bad or wiring wrong the bad output will change to the other coil.


Switching the module leads is more for testing the coils. You know the module is good for the one coil so if you switch it to the bad and it still fails to work you know it's the coil.

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see in this picture

the mazda thing circles past a goal post looking thing

that has a plastic coated magnet under it (held down by phlips screws with yellow paint on them)

 and i had to loosen goal post like thing screws)  mazda 4 bladed thing circles past .

so i may have to reset spacing by loosening the goal post thing

which moves easily closer are farther from mazda bladed thing that is fixed 


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The air gap is critical to higher RPM firing and should be 0.012" to 0.020".


With both coils working set timing to 5 degrees before TDC at idle. If timing IS at 5 degrees then you should really notice the difference when driving.

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