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do i need the stock 8 spark plug distributor in order to get both coils to fire on z22 ?


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11 minutes ago, 720kingkab said:

i did that with key on and off 

all wires have 11.44 volts when tested 


let me get a photo posted 

hang on 


Yah I guess they would read something though the coil primary.


OK remove the wires from the positive terminals of both coils. Pull the wires off the module terminals and test for 12v. The one with 12v should be on the middle terminal.

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where is the device that turns off/on the 2nd coil

on/off during deceleration or slowing ?

is it on carb or throttle linkage

and i failed to hook it up ?

or it is stuck ?


or maybe i have a vacuum line on wrong

and when motor starts

it is holding 2nd coil in off mode ?

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NO don't mess with it. If your module only has 3 terminals don't worry about the shut off. You don't have it.


OK 12v on center wire so it's wired correctly.




That's the vacuum advance hose. There is only a vacuum signal above idle so as long as you have 700-800 RPM idle then there's no need to remove it when setting the timing.

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7 minutes ago, 720kingkab said:



1 minute ago, 720kingkab said:

Says fits the 720. For that price get two. They are near $150. Dealer price $325!!!

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