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do i need the stock 8 spark plug distributor in order to get both coils to fire on z22 ?


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Correct, the 8 plug wire distributor has a 3 wire ignition module. (plus one wire for the shut off)

One power wire 12v

One wire to the negative side of the intake coil

One wire to the negative side of the exhaust coil

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Those are points coils designed to work with a ballast resister and are not the correct ones for the 720. They will not only run hotter than they need to be but give less spark. If those are for a Datsun they would be for a '77 or anything older. Starting in '78 a high voltage EI ignition system is used with special low impedance coils.


Not saying those won't work they are just not maximizing your ignition system's power. Like putting wagon wheels on a Corvette.

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my truck is 1981

i already have these coils  in

and dont have old ones . for years now 

where do i go from here ?

can you give me link to where to buy two coils that are correct for 1981 z22 720 gas 


can i jump the wires from the coil that works over to other coil ?


why was site down ?

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Oh they will work just run a little hot. Their output will be less than if you have the correct ones. Any auto parts store like NAPA or Rock Auto will have them. Ask for your year of truck. They must be for 12v use without ballast and have a 0.75 to 1.0 ohm primary winding resistance.


You could jumper the good side to the other but that would put a strain on the one side. May burn it out or damage it.


Check the wiring to the module...






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Your coils say "use with external resistor. No Datsun after '77 uses external resistors.... unless it says 'do not' on the hidden side. Better check.


There is no better coil than the original.

Nissan number 22433-N8711. Maybe they can cross reference it for another supplier.

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As long as 12v and do not require a ballast.


I checked the 0.7, 0.8, 0.9 and 1.0 ohms and all use the same part number. So order which ever you like they are all the same.



Ignition Coil, Street Coil, Canister, Oil Filled, Chrome, 40,000 V, Each

Part Number: SUM-G5215

( 7 )

Estimated USA Ship Date: TodayEstimated International Ship Date: Today



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What does the writing say on the coils you have? Before buying them, better make sure the old ones say 'must use ballast' with them. That would confirm that they are a points coil. 

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