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Front left Brakes


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What's up fellas, I have a problem with my 1973 datsun 620, ever since I got this truck my front left tire it's been vibrating and pulling to the left when I brake, I replaced the brakes and put everything back together the same way it was and everything looked good I also replaced the front end arm bars in the suspension and I loosen up the the brakes and it's been better but it still locking the left side tire when I brake especially on the rain ,since I know I'm talking to experts I would like to have your opinion on what can I do to stop my left front tire 2 keep locking and pulling to the left when I brake coma , thanks

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The trouble with two post about the same thing is it might be answered by two people who don't know about the other. Questions and answered on one are not shared on the other and it's confusion.


Could be a braking imbalance. The left may be ok but the right isn't working as well.


Are the shoes wet from a leaking right wheel cylinder? 


Is the right adjusted properly? Tighten until there is a slight drag when spinning the wheel by hand.


Is the adjuster free to side and self center as the right side shoes wear down?


Generally if replacing brake components you should do both sides even if only one side is worn or damaged.


Are the right side shoes of the leading and trailing kind? and are they reversed? Below.... notice that the linings on the shoes are differently placed. The right is more to the bottom with a larger gap at the top and the left one is opposite. On a 620 with wheel cylinder at the top, for proper operation the right shoe should be to the front or direction of travel. Another mistake is both leading shows on one side and both trailing on the other. Some makes of shoes have identical placement of L&R linings on the shoes and this does not apply.






Are the left tension rod bushing worn out? This would allow the lower control arm to pull to the rear when braking and this would cause a toe out of the left side tire.

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No problem. What happens often is there are two (or more) people answering that don't know about the other post where perhaps the same question has already been asked and answered. One post has more info in it and may even have been answered satisfactorily. The other is still out there floating around for weeks or even years and is found by someone and replied to. 


My 521 would pull to one side under very hard braking. The brakes should be checked/adjusted twice a year (quarterly would be even better)to not only keep them at peak effectiveness but to also find problems while small before they get really big. Checking and adjusting keeps everything from seizing.


Tip: ALWAYS set your parking brake when parking. Continuous use is the best way to keep them rust free and from seizing. This is your back up in case of a brake failure. Brakes are the single most important safety device on a vehicle.

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I was ready to work on my brakes on Saturday with the drums off already and I needed to see the picture you posted about the brakes pads and for my luck I couldn't open the forum,,,anyway I installed new brakes and springs and I've discovered a couple of problems one the nut holding the bearing was a little loose so I torqued it same as the other side,,,the drum was hitting the caliper so I grinded it and I installed the new brakes on the opposite position as they were and it seemed to fix the problem, it doesn't jump and pull or lock to the left when I brake so I guess my problem is done, thanks Mike,,,

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