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NEEDED, new or useable piston for j15 engine


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I have an old forklift with a datsun J15 engine, and number 1 piston had broken rings (low compression and misfire at idle, but seemed to run fine under power) which damaged the piston but didnt hurt the cylinder wall.... so im in need of a single STANDARD piston that will fit it...  all the cylinders still show the crosshatching and the pistons show very little signs of wear, but it IS a used engine, and so its my opinion that a used piston would work perfectly fine in it

 im not concerned with the brand or weight of it, as a forklift engine doesnt take the abuse or require the high rpm like a vehicle engine does, and if the odd piston is too far out of balance with the pistons i have, I can have then all balanced to match....


 or maybe someone knows where to get a cheap set of new pistons?...  


 you can PM me or reply direct to my email centerline@rocketmail.com    let me know what you have and what you want for it, but its worth around $75 to me for your time and trouble.... thank you  

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