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Z23T's '71 510


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On 2/1/2022 at 8:06 PM, datzenmike said:

I think I have seen this car at Canby.


Yep, it's been there a number of times. The pics of the car in the grass are from Canby and were actually taken by carterb here on Ratsun. Thanks to carterb for letting me use his pics.

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I got to drive the car today. It's been 13 weeks since my back surgery, and the weather was really nice today. The car started right up after sitting for a few months, but as I was letting it warm up in the driveway I could smell raw fuel. I shut the car down and popped the hood to see what was up. Luckily it was just a loose clamp so after I tightened every clamp in the engine compartment and took it for a short drive. The 300 lbs springs were a little hard on the back but it was nice to row it through the gears on a freeway on ramp.


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I had this R160 version 1 VLSD out of a Subaru with 4:11 gears for a few years and I decided to get it installed. The car had an open R180 with 3:70 gears and when I would exit a corner and roll on the throttle the car would bake the inside tire. The version 1 VLSD has 4 pinion gears and is stronger than the more common version 2. The VLSD diifs aren't as good as the clutched units, but for the street it seems to works well. 

7-4-20 014.JPG

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I read an article in The Dime Quarterly years ago where they had cut down the CV stub shafts for the VLSD and welded on flanges to fit the stock 510 half shafts. I thought I could make some myself and about a million hours later they were done.

7-4-20 002.JPG

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