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Hardline for custom clutch ideas

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Im looking for any kind of hard 1/4" ID tube that could be crimped onto a hose barb, and is a little hardier than pex.. Pex was able to handle the pressure of the clutch line in a proof of concept but not the heat of the engine bay and the pressure.. running out of ideas here to get my truck running. Rubber line doesn't seem to work, im guessing because it flexes out under pressure..

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This is for non Datsun? should say so in title so the search engine ignores it or obvious for anyone who happens across it. A barb for a hose isn't going to work. Has to be hard line with fittings and a flex hose with female threads on the ends. In Datsun world a brake flex line and hard line will work on the clutch slave I believe. Might be the same for Chev or w/e...


Measure the length by running a piece of string from master to slave following all the bends. Measure the string and go to Napa for a pre-made brake line (with correct thread) same or slightly longer. Again... see if brake flex line will work.


A brake line flaring tool is only $25 and you can make your own custom lengths. I had a Dodge Omni that broke the brake line from front to rear and in an asshole move by Chrysler they put one fitting on the front and another size on the back so a pre-made line wouldn't work and theirs was like $50. So I cut the fitting off and put on the new line and flared the end. Worked just peachy.

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