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R200 Long Nose Differential - Side Shafts/Half shafts/Diff output shafts

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I have had some massive dramas researching what diff/axles to use for my R200 long nose. First went down the path of putting a short nose VLSD but that was an epic disaster with the circlip grooves and shaft lengths being an issue. Would suggest no-one EVER TRY this, unless you have multiple diff's/shafts laying around. 


I have since researched a " Nismo GT L.S.D. Pro 2 - Way PN: 38420-RSS20-B5" which come with shafts (Only reason I chose this brand). This was also a massive issue  deciphering the differences between the 2-way kits they supply for early model R200's. The lessons I learnt researching the Nismo kits.


1. All of the 2-Way Nismo GT L.S.D. Pro are the same, the only difference is the shafts they supply with it, details on that below. Still do not know the difference between the C5 and D5's although I do know they are 3x2 Shafts.



38420-RSS15-B5 1.5 Way 5x1 Side Shaft
38420-RSS15-C5 1.5 Way 3x2 Side Shaft
38420-RSS15-D5 1.5 Way 3x2 Side Shaft
38420-RSS15-E 1.5 Way 6x1 Side Shaft
38420-RSS20-B5 2 Way 5x1 Side Shaft
38420-RSS20-C5 2 Way Originally came with no side flanges, direct input
38420-RSS20-D5 2 Way 3x2 Side Shaft
38420-RSS20-E 2 Way 6x1 Side Shaft
38420-RSZ15-4A 1.5 Way These are too new to be practical for an R200 longnose
38420-RSZ15-4B 1.5 Way These are too new to be practical for an R200 longnose
38420-RSZ15-4C 1.5 Way These are too new to be practical for an R200 longnose
38420-RSZ20-4A 2 Way These are too new to be practical for an R200 longnose
38420-RSZ20-4B 2 Way These are too new to be practical for an R200 longnose
38420-RSZ20-4C 2 Way These are too new to be practical for an R200 longnose



Please Help???

1. Can anyone identify the differences with the C5 + D5 3x2 shafts, (would assume one is 30spline/30mmdiameter and 29spline/30mmdiameter).


2. I have started building this spreadsheet and would hope the community can help me complete it. Would also like to put in other aftermarket LSD's at a later stage.




Vehicle Model Engine Application Nismo GT L.S.D. Pro 2 - Way Nismo GT L.S.D. Pro 1 - Way Side Flange Nismo Spline Count Nismo Shaft Diameter OEM Spline Count OEM Shaft Diameter Code 税込価格 本体価格 Diff type (axle)
V=Viscous H=Helical
Final ratio
180SX RS13 CA18DET 全車 38420-RSS20-C5 38420-RSS15-C5 3x2     29 spline 30mm A 132,000 120,000 R200V 4.363
180SX RPS13 SR20DET ~’95/10(5穴タイプ) M/T車 38420-RSS20-B5 38420-RSS15-B5 5x1     29 spline 30mm A 132,000 120,000 R200V 4.083



References for the forum:

Part Manuals for all Nissan's, it give you what shafts came with what car, but doesnt go into detail of the spline/shaft diameter: https://nissan.epc-data.com/


NISMO LSD Install Manual, this includes the Nismo Kit individual component list: http://www.eatsleepboost.lt/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/lsdpro_manual02.pdf


Nismo full list of LSD's (I used this to build the spreadsheet): https://www.nismo.co.jp/products/catalogue_2021/html5.html#page=127

All in one site with heaps of information! ** Warning** The spline count information is not correct, eg. There is 3x2 and 5x1 R32 shafts: http://www.eatsleepboost.lt/tech-info/nissan-tech-info/nissan-r200-diff-ratios/

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I have a Z31 long nose R200 in my car with CVs. I used a Tomei 1.5 LSD from the S13 short nose. The stock Z31 splined axles fit just fine. They are the same as the S13 "non-lsd" axle stubs for size and spline count. I believe the stock LSD axles are different.


The rest of my setup is basically irrelevant since I'm using Pathfinder axle shafts and I welded in the Z31 hub carrier for brakes and 5-lug adaption.

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