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Destruction of Canada


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I’m going to stick with Canadian measurements - I think.


50 million pounds is about 4.25 million imperial gallons for a total of about $500  million of new syrup at current prices.


Normal Canadian production was about 14 million gallons last year. 4.25 million gallons added from the strategic reserve should make an impact on the price.

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Got it rat - I’ll read the terms of service more carefully .


Mr Mike, can you confirm whether Canada has a strategic reserve of maple syrup? Now I wanna make sure itsa real - maybe this was Canadian humor?

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Interesting facts about Canada's maple syrup reserve. 
*Does Canada have a national reserve of maple syrup?
Canada's Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve is built up by Quebec's maple producers, who are required to donate a portion of their product to the reserve every year. ... Canada has a 'strategic' maple syrup reserve in case there's a maple syrup emergency.Mar 10, 2020
*How much maple syrup does Canada have?
Today, after rapid growth in the 1990s, Canada produces more than 80 percent of the world's maple syrup, producing about 73 million kg (80,000 short tons) in 2016. The vast majority of this comes from the province of Quebec, which is the world's largest producer, with about 70 percent of global production.
*What is the global strategic maple syrup reserve? Strategic reserve
The reserve is operated as a government-sanctioned cartel to control global maple syrup prices and supply, and has been called "the OPEC of the maple syrup world" by The Economist. A barrel is worth about $1,200 or $2.88 per pound which is 10-18 times the value of U.S. crude oil.
*How much is Canada's maple syrup reserve worth?
Canada has a Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve in Laurierville, Quebec, that contains a 267,000 square foot stockpile of 94,000 barrels of maple syrup. The site holds half of the average annual harvest of Quebec maple syrup. The 55 million pounds of sticky goodness is worth more than $130 million.Aug 26, 2021
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I guess it could be true about the reserve but the amounts seem unrealistic. 94,000 barrels would require 3,760,000 barrels of collected sap. This would have to be boiled down at 40 sap to one of syrup. 2020 produced over 14,000,000 gallons or 373,000 US 45 gallon drums. (over 8% higher than the previous year) If that's what they are using. If so then the reserve is about 1/4 of a years production, more than enough to cover years when production is down slightly.


14,000,000 gallons of syrup?.... that's a lot of sap. Over 21 Olympic size swimming pools full of syrup would need 560,000,000 gallons of sap or 860 Olympic size swimming pools of sap. Or 546,000,000 gallons (655,000,000 US gallons) boiled away. The mind boggles...

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 14,000,000 is 16,800,000 US gallons so if you used 2 table spoons (256 per US gallon) on every pancake you could eat 2 billion 150 million. or over 56 pancakes per year for every mother loving Canadian. Or 5.8 pancakes for everyone if we share with the US.

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Except most maple sugar is used for everything BUT pancakes now.. With the worlds fixation on using anything but processed sugar and corn syrup now ,, that shit is being processed into "healthy" alcohol mixers. Go into any market and you'll see a shit load of products that announce having that sap in it..


HEY KIDS!!  For abnormally healthy colon try maple syrup infused giant 5 topping pizza..  




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Just another naked post


Petroleum stockpiles aren’t the only strategic reserves being tapped this season amid concerns of supply shortages and sky-high prices. The Canadian federation that controls close to three-quarters of the world’s maple syrup production recently announced it will release some 50 million pounds of maple syrup from its emergency stockpile — almost half of the reserve — to keep Quebec’s liquid gold flowing to breakfast tables worldwide. The announcement from the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers (QMSP), first reported by Bloomberg News, comes after supply was strained by a drop in production and a pandemic-fueled surge in demand. Quebec produces 73 percent of the world’s maple syrup supply but was hit with a shorter and warmer spring sugaring season that caused output to fall by nearly a quarter. Meanwhile, global sales jumped more than 36 percent from 2020, according to QMSP data. [Why is maple syrup controlled by a Quebec cartel anyway?] “This year’s production was lower overall, and it really was a combination of Mother Nature being uncooperative as far as a good season and the good news about maple syrup’s health benefits,” said Kevin McCormick, a seasoned maple syrup producer in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, which also saw a weather-related drop in production. Representatives with QMSP did not immediately respond to interview requests Saturday, but spokesperson Hélène Normandin told Bloomberg last week that the federation maintains its strategic reserve to offset lean production years or spikes in demand. “The pandemic helped in our case because we’re seeing people cook more at home and use more local products,” Normandin told Bloomberg.


It continues, but not here.

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2 hours ago, Dav said:

Quebec produces 73 percent of the world’s maple syrup supply but was hit with a shorter and warmer spring sugaring season that caused output to fall by nearly a quarter. Meanwhile, global sales jumped more than 36 percent from 2020, according to QMSP data. [Why is maple syrup controlled by a Quebec cartel anyway?]




2 hours ago, Dav said:


Self answering question.  "Them that has the gold makes the rules" to quote a related saying.


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