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Front spindles.


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So about a year ago I bought this 83 Nissan kingcab.  The previous owner put 32” tires on it with stock suspension.  And the upper ball joints went out. While replacing my ball joints one got stuck in the passenger side.  I’ve battled getting it out for days. So I’m to the point where I’m ready to just replace the spindle.  But I can’t find any replacements for the 4wd version. Any one know of another truck or car that could be compatible. Or somewhere I could find oem parts? Any help appreciated.  


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That is the broken upper ball joint? They don't get stuck. They are a taper fit and naturally hard to separate. It has to be driven out in the upwards direction, or to the left in that picture.


Rent a ball joint separator like this...


Ball Joint Splitter Tie Rod End Puller Remover Cup Type Separator ...


Many auto parts stores do this. 

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To get OEM parts like that spindle, I would go first to a wrecking yard. The Self-Pull wrecking yards are fairly reasonable on prices and they publish their price lists so you know what you're going to pay ahead of time.

Search in your area using Row52.com

I don't know if there were differences in the 720 spindles. If not, then any 4x4 1980-85 should work. Some 1986 trucks were 720 model and some were Hardbody models.

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