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Oil on floor board?


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So I have a new one for you all. I have been having small pools of oil on my driver side floor board off and on for about 2 months now. Any idea of what or where it is coming from. It also seems to be oily on the steering column dash frame right behind the instrument cluster. 


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Likely the smaller black seal is leaking inside your speedometer pinion in the transmission.




Once out, the spinning speedometer cable acts like an auger and feeds it up to the speedometer head where it drips out on the floor or carpet.


The seal number is 32709-14600 and is used an virtually every transmission up till 2000. Even in the 3N71B automatics. You can probably find an old 4 speed from something and swap it in.

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I would thik the speedo was farther back and points to the ground


. You have a oil pressure gauge inside the truck? maybe the line cracking. On my 510 I went back to the stock wire sender. My line broke twice and lucky it didnt drain the oil out and ruin motor.

my 521 has a Autometer plasic line which is a little better. Not the common Taiwan made ones from the kits. The heat cycles make the plastic brittle over time

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