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What inner tie rods are these?


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There is a cross rod that ties the idler arm and the pitman arm together. On the ends of the cross rod are a left and right side rod assemblies to the steering knuckle. From right to left....


Right knuckle, outer side rod, side rod bar, inner side rod, c  r  o  s  s    r  o  d, inner side rod, side rod bar, outer side rod, knuckle Left


They don't look like anything for 510 steering. Everything on the 510 has castellated nuts with cotter pins.

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I don't know what source Futofab uses, but I made some years ago with Mitsubishi Galant (1999-2003) inner tie rods.  I had access to some used ones to play around with.  I have never installed them, but I do recall being a bit concerned that the stub thread was going to be a bit short for the washer and full size nut when attached to the body.  I would make sure of that before you decide.  


Probably not all that important which you choose as you will have to cut the necessary thread on the shaft side to match the sleeve.

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9 minutes ago, iceman510 said:

I don't know what source Futofab uses, but I made some years ago with Mitsubishi Galant (1999-2003) inner tie rods.



Tension rods not inner tie rods.


Tension rod as it is under tension. Forms a strong 3 sided triangle with frame, tension rod and LCA. Prevents the LCA from being pulled backwards when the brakes are applied.



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3 hours ago, DARIN 510 said:

Oh sorry I did not specify. I would like to make some adjustable T/C rods. 


7 minutes ago, DARIN 510 said:

You’re awesome. Thank you ! 


Well now I'm completely confused. Tension rods or steering components?????

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On 11/19/2021 at 4:00 PM, datzenmike said:



Well now I'm completely confused. Tension rods or steering components?????


They are talking about rack & pinion INNER tie rod ends aka inner ball socket, off of a different car..............not the same as the four required 510 tie rod ends OR the two outer tie rod ends on all other cars!  The ball socket bolts directly/rigidly to the tension rod mounting bracket at the front, the tie rod pivots in the ball socket, allowing for suspension travel.  It is NOT a soft mount like the OEM, but it also NOT a solid mount like the poly replacement bushings which often cause the OEM tension rod to break.  I have read Honda, Volvo & now potentially the MGB rack & pinion INNER tie rods ends will work...........??

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Literally almost any would work, it just depends on how you plan to build it.  Most cases you will cut short the inner tie rod end and thread it to what you want to fit the sleeve you are using.  I will have to look at mine again and see what I did.  I made them probably ten years or more ago and then sold the racecar before installing them.

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I used 280zx inner tie rods for this function for my personal build.  The difficult part was finding a nut for the threaded stud that would usually go into the steering rack.  On the 280zx the thread is M16x1 (not a very standard size).  After much research, I was able to find a stock Honda powersports nut with that thread.  The Honda p/n is 90203-KM1-020 for the M16x1 nut.  Here is a picture of my T/C and LCA setup.


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