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What older exterior Z parts are interchangeable?


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Older Z parts are generally not going to be good options.

Your model of car was 1984-89 and more specifically, just 1984 and 1985. Older Z-cars do not have bolt-on fender flares from the factory. You could buy and install aftermarket flares and cut your stock flares off.

Bumpers, no. Commonly Z31 people will convert to the later Z31 body panels for a more clean and modern look. 1987-89 Front bumper, headlights, hood, and front fenders will all bolt on with only a few minor modifications needed for the headlight mounting. The rear flares will not match but you can go aftermarket for those.


As for rear spoiler, the shape of the Z31 hatch is different than all other Z-cars so the 1986-89 factory spoiler is your best bet. 


The R200 differential is the same on the 1975-83 Z cars, at least those that had an R200 and not an R180. If you want to go with lower gearing for more torque, you can try to find a 3.9 ratio R200 in the 1981-83 280ZX non-turbo.

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