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Which gas tank do I need?


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1983 720 KC 2WD 5-Speed Z24 gas.


I have seen like 3 or 4 different shaped and sized gas tanks that online venders claim are for my specific 720 model, and I'm unsure about which one will actually fit like stock. 


Should I just pull the old one off and base it off of the stock shape and size?

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You want the 13.5 US gallon King Cab tank. It's similar to the regular cab short wheelbase tank, but has a notch cut out of the top front so it clears and tucks under the extended king cab. The long box tank does not have the notch and it's about 8" too long and won't fit anyway.


KC and regular cab 4X4 tanks although similar, are deeper for over 2 extra gallons of capacity and are too close to the ground for a 2wd.

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Yes,pull it off and find the one exactly like that.On my 85 Nissan 720 4x4 king cab.I have a 15.7 gallon tank,but if you go online,they sell the 19 gallon tank,that is for the long wheel base model.I have my 1985 Nissan service manual right here.And I've had my truck since 1994 and I know it better than anyone else cause it's mine.

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