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510 high beams not working


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I have a 73’ 510 sedan, hi beam headlights will not work, low beams and all other lights work fine. I assumed it’s the relay, took it apart cleaned the contacts and nothing. Fuse box is clean, all fuses work checked them with test light not just by looks. I have power at the hi beam plugs as well. Bulbs are fine. Any suggestions ? I found a relay for sale online thinking about purchasing it and trying it on but wanted to get some input before I do that, thanks. Here is a picture of the relay. 471F2529-94D2-4F5D-9989-19F1A93E9D4E.thumb.jpeg.f75fa91ee836cef192b657a6bff57eea.jpeg


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Do you have glass sealed beam headlamps??? Not the ones with replaceable bulbs???



Have someone turn the headlamps on and click the high beams on and off. Do you hear the relay clicking??????????


NO.... are the parking lamps working?????

YES... it's clicking. On the headlamp relay, ground the Red/White wire. This wire would normally be grounded by the relay. Do the high beams come on now?????


NO..... the problem is between the relay and the high beams. Maybe bulbs burned out

YES.... the relay is bad.

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I had recently switched my glass sealed headlamps to aftermarket halogen.they worked for a day, And then the high beams they stopped workingouter headlights worked but not inner. Never had problems with the Oem glass ones.


parking lamps work fine, signals work fine, all other lights work fine. I put the sealed oem headlamps back to see if it was the bulbs or the headlamps. But nothing, same issue, outer headlights work but not the inner high beams. 

Yesterday I took a trip to my dads house and took the headlight relay off of his 510 and put it on mine to see if it was the issue and bingo, all 4 headlamps come on and turn off as they should. Now, I took my has relay apart, cleaned it again inspected it and still can’t get it to work properly. 

i found an Oem 510 headlight relay for sale on eBay, but got outbid on it, part number 25230-89915 and I can’t seem to find another. I found another relay part number 25230-89970 same 6 prong style, only difference I see is the mounting bracket for the bolts is on opposite side. Anyone know if it will work ? I will list some pictures of the two different ones. 

and also I’m wondering if it’s possible the after market lights caused my relay to go bad ? Like I said I never had problems with the oem lights. If so, considering leaving the oem ones on. 94E9C32A-6E7D-4282-95BC-47AD5FCA7B43.thumb.jpeg.7175583f7f9c973f1814a361aac97bd6.jpegORIGINAL 510 part number 

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Wire in a late Bosch or ?? relay.  The Paolo wiring diagrams show how to do it.  There was also a guy on here selling a simple plug & play late relay with the Datsun plastic plug.........I'll try to remember his user name!

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