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81-720 on 04 WRX Chassis


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The wheel base was really close. Which made it really nice. Before I started I thought the width of the pinch welds in the cab was closer to each other. They are out 1-3/4 so I really had to cut a lot of door out to fit

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wow it’s been a ton of work but I finally have the box/tailgate and bed sides mounted in. I’ve built inner fenders that tie in from the Subaru pinch weld all the way out to the wide body, this will allow a lot more room inside the truck box and structure the sheet of metal that will eventually cover the side

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21 hours ago, Stoffregen Motorsports said:

I just showed my nine year old son this thread. He's all into car crushers and snowrunner, both games you get to build your own crazy vehicles. This one's pretty crazy and I wanted to show him that people actually build stuff like he sees on the video games.

I wonder where your son gets that from? Nice work Kurmot 

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I've been TIG welding body panels these past couple of years. It takes longer, but you can control the heat much more accurately and there's less panel warpage/shrinkage because of that. MIG hardens as it cools and can crack if worked too much post weld.


If you're set on MIG, weld the back side so you have an inside buildup of weld that you can grind into a radius.

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I thought tig welding on body panels wasn't technically legal in California. That may be for insurance jobs. I have put miles of mig wire on on old bug. Yep looks like poo but got it on the road. Watching you pros build this shit is amazing. Nice work and following with envy on the bodywork!

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lovin the looks of the A pillar dimple dies



here’s the rear seat/ ext cab. I’m planning on covering all the MDF with the carpet that you see on sub boxes. 
top view of the ext cab. I’ve got a kit to do a truck box liner on all this sheet metal in the box. This project just keeps taking so many hours. Starting to get close now, hahaha 

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Slowly working away on it still, I’m planning on doing a smoked clear coat for the exterior so you’ll be able to see the welding, 

Im not sure what wheel/tire combo I’m going to run on it, but I do love me some 1980’s era wheels for sure. Right now I’m about 400 hours into this project. Hoping to start having fun in it soon instead of just working on it. Wife is getting a little tired of all the time put into the project, hahahaha 

thanks for all the positive comments. It’s so cool to be able to share my project with everyone 

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Forget the hours, whatever you do don't show her the money involved! I am always running projects, usually multiple ones and the one thing I have learned when dragging home a project is the wife sees it as competition for time. I have her pick projects she want done ( this time another boat) so it keeps the peace. Good luck with the truck and wife you got skills and I can confidently speak for others on here we are envious.

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here’s a couple pics straight outta the paint booth. I was hoping for it to be darker but so happy with the quality of the clear coat. Starting to put the interior together now. Hopefully be on the road here in a month

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On 4/9/2022 at 8:10 AM, KurMot said:


here’s a video of my first rip in the field behind my place

Brother, that thing is a beast!  


I LOVE that you clear coated it BTW, because it would be tragic to paint over your craftsmanship on this. I saw a stripped down pristine Hakosuka GT-R that the owner decided to clear coated. It was a simple but powerful statement of naked honest. It's called Shibui in Japanese which is a design aesthetic celebrating simple subtle details to reveal deeper unobtrusive beauty. AKA in Japan as The Highest Level of Beauty. There's nothing subtle about EJ25 power though. 😉 Bravo!

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