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81-720 on 04 WRX Chassis


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So I started this project with an 81 720 2wd diesel that wasn’t running and wanted it to be a little run around and snowboarding rig. Wasn’t able to find any kind of parts to restore and get running so I figured the best thing to do would be put it on a newer chassis. Found an 04 Subaru WRX and stripped it down, fit the cab over and made it look like a truck5DE11708-8F77-4BCF-B607-854C962B4F7E.thumb.jpeg.27b625340a82c2006e570ce17dc730be.jpegBCE2A0B6-7F5F-4B2B-AD95-F80F323A62B2.thumb.jpeg.35dfacf8be2e469ce57da4994f158f98.jpeg6122514A-5467-4C9B-8D63-787A315C4A24.thumb.jpeg.904d49f54926804823443920ac2c5a57.jpeg3AFFB69D-2FD3-4069-8C62-DBDF26B7DAA5.thumb.jpeg.76fae78e141a7c692d904936398339c9.jpeg

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Very cool to see the project already well along the way. 


Some magazine started a 240sx build doing the same kind of thing.  They never even got this far i don't think.


Whats the plan for finishing the front end?

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There is this conversion for the Datsun Sunny trucks to make them look like the Hakosuka GTR. I’m hoping to make my front end look something like that. When I first did this post I could post pics straight from my phone, now I need an URL and I’m not able to get that figured yet or I’d post a pic

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Hey KurMot


Cant wait to see more details...I did a 1962 Willys truck once onto a S10 frame and I kept the S10 floor pan and firewall and dashboard too....it was a very tedious process....can't wait to see yours up and running around town again...


Keep up the great work...



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I like the transition you are creating at the dash vents.  Nice way to piece them together.

Will the rear strut boxes stick up past the sides of the bed? Will the bed sides be integral or just "hung" on the body and cage?


Why did you have to weld pieces in to the door frame at the dash, and make the big cutout in the door body?


And do you still have that diesel transmission?  If so, do you have any interest in selling the front half case for it?  PM me if you have any interest.



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Yeah the rear strut tops stick up about an inch above the box sides, the box sides will be integral. I’m planning on doing a wide body kit that will tie the bottom of the box sides in securely and then the top will mount to the strut towers and cage. The reason that the doors were cut is because I welded 1/8” plate along the entire pinch weld of the Subaru and it was 1-3/4” wider than the Datsun. I’ve got all the parts from this truck except the body panels that I’ll sell. 

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here’s a pic of the hood close to where it’ll be sitting. I was able to cut under where the hood scoop is and slide the hood forward. Next step is to get the fenders mounted on the front side and figure out final position for the hood. I’ve ordered 4 new 5-3/4” round headlights with the halo driving light, then it’ll switch to amber to be the turn signal. Hopefully parts show up soon so I can keep getting stuff done

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