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Stewiefied 260z

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Hello fellow Ratsun members. It's been awhile 


Decided to stop being lazy and to share the story and build of 260z.  Back in 2015 after looking at bunch of dusty, crusty and rusty S30's. I picked up a "1 Owner" 260z with only "10k" from a gentleman near MN. Story is, he purchased it new in San Diego shortly after returning from deployment.  Drove it back to the Midwest where he loved and cared for it. Honestly, I think this guy was just trying to butter me up. From the looks of the car it had to have 110k and maybe 3 owners.. He didn't have a good reason/excuse to why it was MAACO painted green. The OEM color is silver. Then again who knows.  Car sat around for about 2 years gathering parts and coming up with a plan to how I wanted to build it. Off to the shop it went!!  I was worried about rust like any Datsun owner would. So I had the car blasted with great relief the car was 98% rust free. Only a few pinholes. first location was where the battery sat and a few pinholes in the drivers floor. Both spots replaced and  welded thicker frame rails for stiffness also stitched welded throughout the chassis. 


Stewiefied 260z Stewiefied 260z Stewiefied 260z Stewiefied 260z Stewiefied 260z Stewiefied 260z



Mod list coming soon 

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Damn I'm lazy. I should update this thread 


I got the LS3 with TSP goodies started and running with Holley's Terminator Max X ECU and the 12.3 for the cluster. 

Here's some photos from the past year 


Carbon Dash and console decided to flat clear it since they sent me the wrong stuff 


12.3 dash 

51650842605_cd4ee3141f_b.jpg 52041075755_8731d215ae_b.jpg


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