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Father and son... well mainly son project.

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Hey guys, I got this 78 KC a month or so ago, I'll be posting stuff random about it. Just little things I do or find out that's cool and in case someone new like me who gets one and has the same issues. They have a thread to go to. I'm 17 in H.S. and my my dad had a 620( who's dad didnt) back in high school so now we are going to make a badass truck together.

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1 hour ago, Lorenzo 33 said:

How do I add pictures? 😅

Welcome! You should be able to add them by using the link on the bottom of the post box seen here:


Or you can use an image hose such as https://www.imgur.com to host the image and once it's uploaded to imgur - use the button in the top right of the image to paste in the chat window here and Ratsun should put it in your comment


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Go to the site you have it posted.  Right click on the image, select "copy image link" and paste in your Ratsun reply/comment window.


Nice truck!




Oh wait...  From your phone?  I'm an old guy with a computer - sorry.

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  • 8 months later...

Yeah I'm doing this with an Android phone. 


Anywho it's been a long time since I updated.


I will add pictures but--


I got my l20b to spit mad flames idk how tbh. All I did was relocate a clapped out cat, put a race muffler on it, and bolted on a weber with the EGR delete. In California so I know a guy for smog😉


I need to buy tires for my enkei decem 10s I waited 2 years to buy.


Gonna lower it


Got a dash pad cover and I'm going to start working at a carbon fiber/ trophy truck race prep shop and make my own mold for a CF dash cover and sell them


Right now I can't get my interior lights to work. I blew my fusible link and so I put in a 40amp in line circuit breaker like you would find from the amp to the battery, I replaced my ignition relay, put in a led gauge bulb kit, and I know it works because I saw it before I caused a short in my truck after not working on it for a month by putting random wires I thought went to eachother and made the truck stall and blow the fusible link..


I replaced it all, everything works except my interior lights. Oh!! I also bought a used but in good condition dimmer switch off Ebay, plugged it in, and no lights still.  I don't know what to do now because I want to get her back on the road and continue doing what I have listed above to it. Thanks to anyone who can help!!

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heater and ac lights don't work, background cluster lights don't work.



reason why they don't work is because I caused a direct short. i haven't worked on this truck in a month or so, so I forgot what went where. I removed the heater control, old console mounted radio, broken cruise control, and twitchy aftermarket digital gauge setup.  I wanted to get my cigarette lighter working so i can put a car charger in it to charge my phone because it never worked before, and I figured since I got the dash out, i'll put in a new one.  I threw in a new one and it didn't work.  (Mind you the lights worked before this after I converted them to LED jsyk)  I saw a black wire hanging behind my dash and was like oh! there's my ground!  I hooked it to the shell of the lighter and the wire got super hot, I smelt something smoking, pulled the wire away and the truck just stopped running. no power at all.  I traced the smell to the front of the truck and pulled off the relays. the ignition one was clanging when I shook it so I figured oh, I cooked this sucker.   bought a New but used ignition relay for a 74 620, but it faces the opposite way, so I plugged it in and zip tied the plug to the relay in front of it because my plug was loose and constantly tripping the relay making it click. but before the clicking noise, it still had no power so I found out I fried the fusible link. Replaced that with an inline trippable in line circuit breaker rated for 40 amps.  truck starts and everything works except interior lights.


then I realized my dimmer switch wasn't dimming any of the lights that were working as mentioned above.  pulled that apart and saw on one of the green little stripes on the circuit board, it was fried. replaced that. lights still don't dim and still don't work. so right now i am kind of debating finishing it because I really want to, or should I let someone who knows what they're doing and probably has the proper tools too, just figure it out and get charged up the butt for it to work.


I'm smarter than my racecar, I'm smarter than a 1970 Ford Ranchero, why can't I be smarter than my Datsun 620...


^^ I'm gonna make that my little comment quote thingy.. lol

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When you are in your account on Imgur, go to images, click on the pic you want, it will take you to a screen that shows several links, click on the "copy" button listed as "BBC code", then post in your reply on Ratsun.



I too am like Carter...#oldguy.

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