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73 620 color behind grill


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Mine looks weird, i think it was painted black but maybe previous owner did some touch up with yellow on the hood and got overspray on it. I'll have to look closer and see the order of paint. It has a tape mark about halfway back on the panel above the bumper, all the way across.


My color is light, 102 yellow. Rubbed it off the sticker first time i washed it but warranty card and " car owners companion" has it listed. Just noticed it has my key # too! 👍IMG_20211029_174234603.thumb.jpg.e1ed98d6a4895df389961244fb9ac041.jpg


Federal odometer disclosure


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Not sure about the 620's, but the 510's were "blacked out" behind the grille on the LIGHTER COLOR CARS.  I have seen darker color cars with no black out.  I say "black out", not painted, cuz it was literally brushed on.........not spray painted.  No car would be exactly the same, cuz hand brushed on.


I always tell people to paint BLACK behind the grille on ANY car.  I sold Sport Compact parts back in the 2000's, sold lots of body kits.  I would tell the kids to paint black, especially with those huge grille openings on some of the body kits, so you would not see the radiator, AC condensor, AC tubes etc etc.  Those that listened, the cars looked good.  Those that didn't, many looked like crap.  Some would say "Shoulda listened to you!".  Black gives the illusion of depth, hides other stuff!

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