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Took a dump on the way to work.

Rat baby

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I stopped for gas on my way to work this morning. After my tank was filled, I went to fire her up, and I had nothing. My battery and starter were replaced a month ago, so I know they are solid. When trying to start her there was just nothing. No sounds or indication that anything was happening. As luck would have it, a friendly old timer “Nissan guy” offed to give me a push so I could pop the clutch. I popped it and it made some noises but didn’t go, and didn’t seem very encouraging. Got parked to figure out my next move, Nissan guy says “crank it now” I did and she started up. I drove 45min to work. When I took the key out I figured I would try to start it. Nothing. Got pulled to a spot where I was going to try popping the clutch, before we even attempted that I tried cranking it. Boom, fired up.
What’s your take? Where should I start looking? I live in Oregon and it’s been raining a lot. She has been my daily drive for about 6 years. Just hit 200,000 last week. Thank you!

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New does not guarantee they are good. As it does restart eventually it won't be the battery at fault.




1/ Turn key on and nothing? no lights, horn, gauges, wiper????? .... Bad electrical connection, most likely at the positive battery post where the fusible links are connected. No power to the links = NOTHING goes to the rest of the truck. Could also be a loose connection at the battery ground. Either would be thermal fault where the connection fails when warm.


2/ Everything lights up and works but no click or anything from the starter????.... Starter. Probably the solenoid as there is no click. Check the Black/Red wire to the solenoid connection is on snug. Check that the positive battery cable is clean and snug to the starter lug. Check that the starter mounting bolts are tight. Starter must be well grounded to the transmission to work. If ok then the starter has some kind of thermal problem and the solenoid doesn't work when warm.


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I get power to all gauges, CD player, etc. I will check the starter.  I have some other strange electrical stuff happening. Oil pressure gauge bounces with the turn signal click. Radio crackles and sometimes dies when I break. Gets clear when I accelerate. Now she is starting up just fine. Like it never happened. 

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I meant while the starter was not working... were the gauges working or not?


For the fluttery gauges and radio.. better look at the fusible links then. If obviously crispy, it's burnt. Wiggle it as it may be melted inside the insulation. Is there a good ground from the negative cable to the body?

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