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My 85 Nissan 720 4x4...Deluxe.

Thomas Perkins

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C5TWECS.jpg0QMMky1.jpgHZ90X3S.jpgOkay,Ya'll,I finally found a way to send pictures here.Back in March of 2021,some of these pictures are before I got it painted,but the ones with the black rims is with the new paint.I got my truck back from the paint shop.It is painted metallic silver,Before I took it there,I put new American Racing rims on it with BF Goodrich tires on it.Plus the front grill is new,plus all the light lens,front and back are new,and new head lights.Before I took it there.I had Jack install a new custom made heating and air,everything was replaces,check out the new switches.He also replace everything to do with the brakes,rotors,new front seals,new boots,master cylinder, hoses,calibers.the whole 9 yards,front and rear,I got new exhaust,except the exhaust manifold,had the cat removed.Just clean underneath,primer and paint,rear end now look's new,also the Rancho 5000 shocks look new.They also painted inside under the hood black,look's great.Got new NGK spark plugs and wires,new distributor cap and rotor,new fuel filter.Bought a new light bulb for the inside,got from dealer,now it is bright.I had this baby for 27 years,got 380,000 miles on it,90,000 on the jasper engine.T1Joy7o.jpg99hPdtG.jpgnHaAPje.jpgNhx4DND.jpgXXKMBNf.jpgZ8Aixbw.jpggR9cBJR.jpgAFfFHwb.jpgAzl5PWG.jpgncHMcyO.jpgNlCrbrR.jpg

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