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Troubleshooting a fuel problem and checking the floats both seem to have a bit of gas in them?


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I have not worked on these SU R16 before so i wanted to check in before moving forward. Each float has liquid in them just a little (so i think) i cleaned up the floats and looked at each under a magnifying glass but don't see any holes? i have let then sit on a paper towel for 5 min on each side and no wet spots on the towel. So, i assume the floats should be empty, If i need new floats i am not sure where to get them? i have only found Kits that start around $400 that include new floats. the kits seem overkill for floats with a leak.



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22 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

So, there is a small bit of solder on the top of each float, looks factory. anyway i used my smallest drill to drill a hole at that point and yes, gas came out.

there must be a tiny hole at the seam on each float. one float weighed 20 grams the other 25 grams. empty they are 14 grams.




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