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B210 vs B310 Rear Seats


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Are they compatible? Datsun1200.com says B110 and B210 seats are interchangeable, and also that B310 seats can be swapped into either a B110 or B210, but doesn't mention if B310 rear seats are actually the same dimensions. It seems like they would be, but I'm not certain. 




I may have an opportunity to grab some stock B210 rear seats, but I don't want to spend the money if they don't fit. I got rid of my stock seats (front and rear) over 10 years ago. Gave them away. Because I'm an idiot. Now I have a chance to at least get something similar back. Thanks!

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Could not find anywhere where it says B-310 seats can be swapped into either B-110 or B-210 in that article. There IS a picture of B-310 sweat in a B-110 so by extension if it fits a B-110, it will fit in the same manner into the B-210.






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