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Rear suspension Crazy thought .


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On days I’m not up to working I think of stuff and really shouldn’t lol.  My grandson asked me about bagging the truck and there’s no money I pops budget for that.  But got me thinking back in the old gasser days some used half leaves on the front. Wonder what would happened if you cut a set of leaf springs say 3” beyond the the perch mounts. Drilled another hole to bolt the springs together a second time for safety. Used a panard bar to keep rear from walking side to side and coil overs for height adjustment and rebound. Think it would work and also help handling?

Just crazy thoughts 😵💫

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Gassers were all about weight transfer to the rear for take off traction. You mention 'half leaves' on the front and ended up with panhard on the rear. The stock spring pack centers the rear axle why mess with it. Leaf has to mount at both ends, what will hold the body up?



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I was just wondering if something like this would work. Think you could easily adjust ride height with the coil overs. 4 links would hang down so far on stock frame and 3link would require fuel tank being moved. Didn’t think about axel wrap. Like I said when I can’t work on the truck I think of nutty stuff, might be the 13 meds a day I take for my cancer.😁. Anyhow thanks for the input y’all.  

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1 hour ago, banzai510(hainz) said:

tell grandson to ruin another vehicle instead

Calm down , one i was wondering if it could be done and if it would work. He’s 13 and was asking about bagging it.  I’m happy he’s even interested in this old truck to work on it with me. Get his hands dirty and learn more then video games. 

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56 minutes ago, datzenmike said:

The stock set up is proven to work and generally bullet proof and easy to work on. Why mess it up with home made engineering?

Like I mentioned Mike was just a crazy thought. I’ve done nothing to hack up this truck. Wondered if it had been done, if it could work, was there any benefit if it had worked for someone.

days when my cancer has me down I watch the shows and wonder what could be done to make it unique without butchering it.

as alway thanks Mike

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