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1985 NISSAN 720 4X4 2.4 Custom Heating and air system

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Hi Ya'll.Back in January of 2021,My heater core starting leaking.I had a warranty from Autozone.I called them up and they said they had no more and it was a lifetime warranty part.So they refunded my money.I looked everywhere for a new one,they had used ones on Ebay.But don't replace junk with junk.So I took it to Jack,he's the guy that put my Jasper Engine in back in 2009,I now have 90,000 miles on it.But anyway,he couldn't find a new heater core.He is a master at restoring vehicles.He has a restored old jeep wagoneer with a new custom made Heating and air system in it and said He could put one in for me.I put 2 heater cores in my truck,as you know it's a job.Last time is when I took the black carpet out and put gray carpet in with dynamat.Now the complete old Nissan Heating and air system is gone,I mean everything,I hated them cables that were used to control the knobs.The A.C.hose under the hood is following the firewall and goes by the brake master cylinder to the compressor.Where the heater core hoses came thru the fire wall hole has been plugged.The blower motor is gone.The control knobs are modern.The kit was specially made for my 720.All the stuff under the dash has been replaced.But anyway,no more problems...

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