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Wondering where I should start with my 620 project?


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Hey Datsun fam,


Hope everyone is doing great. In February I purchased a 1973 620 and put the project to the side until I could find time. The time has arrived to get the project going. So far I've been able to get the original motor worked on and it has no issues what so ever. I then went ahead and cleaned out the rug from the cabin and threw it out taking out the bench and getting it reupholstered. The cabin has wires hanging all over the place, the horn is not connected and the floor is down to the metal of the body. the dash and center console need to be replaced as well. The body is in great shape but the paint is pretty faded all over. the hood is not placed aligned perfectly and one of the front lights hangs off. My main question here is where should I start? Should I go ahead and start with the body of the car and re do it, should I start on the electrical, or should I start somewhere else? I ask this because I want to do the car in an order where I don't have to go back and do something I already did because I jumped a step.





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I always start with the mechanicals. Make it run good enough to be a daily driver, then start on the cosmetics.


Most of you here on Ratsun are too young to remember the Brady Bunch. On one of the episiodes, Greg Brady got a '69 Mercury Cougar that he wanted to "restore" and when he was done, the car looked great, but with all the parts leftover (because he didn't know how to do proper repairs) the car wouldn't run or drive.


Point is, prioritize. Start with the engine, then cooling system, fuel system, clutch and brakes, then suspension, etc. Work in terms of systems - fuel system, brake system, electrical system... until they are all good enough to call "good". If you start with the body and then find that the entire drivetrain needs to be rebuilt, well, you've got a shiny turd.

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Stroffregen Motorsports (SM), provides good counsel. You will love a running reliable rig, so much more than pretty lawn art; and pay close attention, regarding "good enough", Better is the enemy of good, it is my enemy. Take the advice, since I can't seem to use it.

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The best upgrades to my truck have been 4 wheel disc brakes, 15" Pathfinder wheels on 225s, 110 amp alt. on L20/weber... uh, no wait...


The best upgrade in soon to be 49 years: Sony CD player with a USB port and and a remote for $99! Alpine speakers in the kick panels for $89!



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