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A/c components

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The very late 620 was factory optional AC, as were all of the 720's.  There MAY have been aftermarket companies making a kit if the truck did NOT come with factory optional AC, but I have never seen.  If there was, I'm sure they are long gone, just like all of the earlier dealer installed kits.  All of the earlier Datsun's, were dealer installed aftermarket kits, made here in the States.  I'm aware of 3 different manufacture's of those earlier kits.  We have people asking if they can install factory air in their 280Z's that did NOT come with the factory optional AC..........we tell them it is not worth the effort, cuz you would have to strip every nut & bolt OUT of a parts car & install in the car they had.  In those cases, I think it is easier to install a universal AC kit from Vintage Air etc.  It is still not an easy task, as it is all universal fit..........requires fab work & alot of ingenuity.........there are no kits for the 720's that I have ever seen!

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I had my whole heating and Air replaced not long ago,everything,I mean everything has been custom made for my 85 720 4x4.Here are my new control knobs.Blower motor gone,heater core gone,all vents under dash are custom made,new compressor,new everything under hood,comes in a kit.New dryer.I hated them cables that were used to for the controls.Heats and cool so great.








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