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Lightest datsun models

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What are the lightest datsuns? I tried searching but cant find a list of lightest datsun chassis/body styles

I know 1200's, b210's, and 210s are pretty light compared to other models right?

can anybody point me to a list of weights for different datsun models? 


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1200's come in at about 1650 LBS. I think 510's are in the 2200-2300 range but as far as a list of weights I am not sure.


I thought weights were listed in the beginning of the catalog but I just checked and no such luck. Maybe in the days of microfiche is what I am remembering.

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I would have to say the 1200 is probably the lightest Datsun ever made. he earlier cars had a body-on-frame construction which was ditched in favor of the lighter unibody construction, and the 1200 was one of the first  Datsuns using that technology. Plus, all the parts in a 1200 are diminutive compared to the 510 and others. The rear axle is tiny, so is the transmission, and the engine too. I once pulled an A14 out of a car at a junkyard by standing on the strut towers and a tie down draped over my shoulders connected to the engine. They are that light.

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1200s are the lightest of the bunch imported to the USA. 1000s are slightly lighter be we never got them here. Datsun1200.com tech wiki has the weights.


The A12 motor is a whopping 190lbs all up, the 4 speed weighs 28lbs, the complete rear axle with brakes is 96lbs. The hood weighs 20lbs and the trunk lid is all of 12lbs. 

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On 10/10/2021 at 5:47 AM, KELMO said:

1200's come in at about 1650 LBS.

That's with the pig of an automatic transmission fitted I believe, I bet it's closer to 1500 with the 4-speed!

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'79   Datsun 1200 UTE base, 1.2L, Leaded, 4 SP MAN 720Kg or 1,584 lb.


CURB WEIGHT ... 1613 pounds (733 kg) 1971 USA sedan
Weight Distribution (Front/Rear)....54/46
Consumer Reports 1971 September Road Test

Weight .................. 14cwt (711 kg) 1200 4-door Sedan
Datsun 1200SSS Road Test by MOTORMAN magazine November 1972

Curb Weight: 1609 lbs (731 kg) 1971 USA Coupe
Mechanix Illustrated "We Test America's Most Economical Car"

Datsun 1200 Weight
4-dr manual 1532 lbs (696 kg)
4-dr auto 1609 lbs (731 kg)
2-dr coupe 1520 lbs (691 kg)
5-dr wagon 1609 lbs (731 kg)
Truck 1499 lbs (681 kg)
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