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L16 Oil Pump Disassembly/Reassembly


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I took a part the oil pump to clean it because it was old and had some oil sludge in it. I got a new gasket to put it back together and noticed there are dots on the top of the rotor and on the case. Does this need to be lined up a certain way before putting it back together? I haven't seen anything on this before and was curious. 

If I need to I'll take pics when I get home from work to show what I mean.  

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I would advise replacing it with the oil pump from a KA24E or KA24DE in the D21 Hardbody. (not the 240sx) These pumps have 13 longer trochoid rotors and move more oil per turn. My tired L20B in my 620 had a hot idle oil pressure of 17 PSI. With no other change than a wrecking yard KA pump the hot idle increased to 29 PSI. More oil brings the pressure up sooner, the maximum pressure is still the same at about 60 PSI. I've put KA oil pumps on all my L and Z series engines.


Never seen the dots before but it can't be put back together wrong. Fill with oil to help suction on start up. Keep eyes open for a KA pump.



rDgVvcG.jpg N7VtSbV.jpg

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https://www.ebay.com/itm/353091598677  good oil pump


Aisin Waerpump WPN-032 made in Japan




go to 6mins into this for oil pump




your were to line up your motor to TDC before you take the pump off. those marks are used to line it up to get the 11.28 position on the pump when you look thru the top from the side.  then you know you have it correct when you put the dist back in and locks down in the right spot



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