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Question on exhaust systems


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Hello all,


I will be ready to install the new exhaust soon, but as I have found out, 1.25" exhaust parts are hard.  


I have the image of the original system, but 1.25" mufflers and resonators are pretty scarce.


At one point I was told that I could source exhaust manifold gaskets from nissan forklifts and that made me think.... Would those forklifts have 1.25" mufflers?


If anyone has any info, let me know  THANKS.



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If you're not a purist and you are replacing the entire system source 1 1/2" or 1 5/8" mufflers and pipe. I won't tell.


If just a muffler and resonator you can use reducer couplings to go from 1 1/4" out to whatever you find.

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Yes,  I have been looking at the 1.25" and I can piece it together, with incredible effort.  


I have two shops I am looking at.


One shop does a lot of hot rods, but they use all pre-bent components.  They are not close,  but they will be more likely to match the picture.  They would only do 1.5"


The second shop I have used in the distant past.   They are close.  They are a regular muffler shop, but still has the bender at 1.5" only.   They are more likely to not understand trying to hold on to any original ideas of connecting and positioning.  


really torn. 

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The hotrod shop probably uses mandrel bends, which can cost many times more than a regular muffler shop exhaust system. And, mandrel bends will stick out like a sore thumb. If you're trying to keep it original looking, have it bent using aluminized tubing. Use 1.5" because it will be an improvement and nobody will ever know. Also, try to use original style hangers as the welded on j-hooks that muffler shops use look lie crap and rust right away.


A good source of original style hangers would be any MGA or MGB. They aren't exactly like original but could be made to work, and will look stock to someone who doesn't know the difference. I'm sure other cars of that era may also have similar hangers.


Heck, even a generic kit like this https://www.summitracing.com/parts/ssh-72030  would look better than regular muffler shop crap.

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