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Greetings from Oceanside, California!


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Greetings, Just signed up and wanted to introduce myself. I just acquired a 1973 Datsun 620 that I will be restoring. It’s interesting how life has its twists. When I met my wife 27 years ago I was restoring a 1973 Datsun 240Z.  That project came to a screeching halt just before we became engaged. The 240Z was sold to pay for our wedding.

The day I sold the 240Z my soon to be wife promised me that when we became “Empty Nesters” we would restore a car together.  Fast forward 27 years to last Friday… My wife and I were driving back from moving our youngest daughter into her college dorm. We were both saddened by the fact that we were now considered “Empty Nesters” and now our 3 children are all grown up.  My wife in tears asks me a question, “Do you remember a promise I made you 27 years ago? I replied no, slightly annoyed, My wife then said, “The promise I made when you sold the 240Z…!


She helped me find this 1973 Datsun 260. How ironic, it’s the same year, same original color, and both were made by Datsun! My wife kept her promise!  I know, I know, a cheesy story.  I will be on Ratsun a lot reading up and learning form you guys. Thanks guys. -Geo

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2 hours ago, thisismatt said:

I like how the story morphs from a 620 to a 260 😁


Welcome aboard


I have the same talent DATSUNgeo.


I grew up in San Diego, and was obsessed with my Datsun 510s. My Parents, older brother and his wife all live in Oceanside now.


Pics are what keeps this site alive, so please feed the monster. Welcome to the funny farm. 

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She sounds like a KEEPER!!! 😎  Welcome back to the world of Datsun's!  The biggest change you will find, is the LACK of new parts thru Nissan, compared to 27 yrs ago............so much has been long discontinued, so aftermarket & USED parts will become your friend!

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