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78-79 620 Rear Spring Bushings.


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Does anyone know if 720 bushings will fit a 78-79 620?
78-79 part # is 


 720 has a different number 


In lower right, # 5 is the bushing. Other pictures are the difference between up to Aug 77 & after Aug 77
76 is on left 79 is on right. The 79 looks like the 720. 
No one has any for 79 even though they advertise them as being a fit, they are all 55046-07200
They have larger holes and will not work for 78-79
I will not use poly. I prefer Japanese rubber instead of Chinese or Thai.
Thank you



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On 9/24/2021 at 7:36 AM, Goemon said:


I will not use poly. I prefer Japanese rubber instead of Chinese or Thai.


I would never use poly either. Maybe on a sway bar linkage but that's all. It's too hard. (non compliant) Rubber grips both moving parts and will twist and gives superior vibration and noise isolation. Poly will grip one part and slip when twisted against the other. Doesn't take a genius to see that this chafing will cause wear and noise. (squeaking) I had poly on the rear shackles on my 620 they became oval. Poly belongs on race cars where they are replaced regularly not on street cars and trucks where the owner wouldn't know the difference anyway. (well except for the squeaking) Poly is over hyped nonsense.

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The exact reason I won't use it.
It transfers too much vibration also.
One guy asked me why I won't use it,
I asked why did he insist that I did, he stfu ...LOL
I used it once on a VW trans-axle mount and took it out less that a week later.
It made the whole interior of the car vibrate and the noise was horrid.

I do need to know if 720 & 78-79 shackle bushings are the same.
Some places both numbers come up. If the shackles & springs are the same the bushing should be.

I found some Japanese 720 bushings, the only 620 I can find are Chinese or Thai

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