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Monkey motion 4sp wtb


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So 3rd gear synchro in my wife's '72 wagon is on it's way out (grinds with any quick shifting...getting worse through the last few weeks).... anyone got a stock trans in decent shape kicking around? I'm in So Cal.


-- Ray

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Hi Mike,

Did an oil swap last month.... used some GL3 synchromesh I had here at the shop hoping for the best but it's actually seemed to aggravate it further...lol.

Maybe the atf should next..... Ford F type I assume??


-- Ray


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GL3 isn't recommended. It's not up to the job. GL4 is what the Nissan transmissions use. But NOT GL5


Dexron ATF is a lot more detergent (because pump and filter) but worth a try. It's good enough for lubricating all the gears in an automatic but is thinner than 80w90 GL4. Definitely call back and let me know if any change.

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I knew the GL-3 was a reach but it was better than the GL-5 I had avail 🙂

Ford and Mazda have used ATF in their 5spd's for many years so I do understand it's more than up to the job in any manual trans (I'm a motorcycle MC too and we also use it in some of the dirt bikes as well).

I realize there is no magik elixer here for worn out sychros so we'll just hope for the best.

Thanks for the help.

-- Ray

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GL5 would work but it's not good for the long term.


I switched to a synthetic which was like water compared to the 80w90 that was in it. The shifting was MUCH better. It was faster with the same effort and began down shifting without grinding. Not suggesting you switch, just saying i think the thinner oil gets out of the way of the synchros faster allowing them to mate easier. 

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Remember, if you are concerned about the actual trans gear ratio, the Wagon 4spd apparently had a slightly different gear ratio than the Sedan 4spd.  Either will bolt right in, but if you grab a Sedan, you MIGHT notice a difference......??  Sorry, I don't have the details here now, maybe datzenmike knows!

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