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Suggestions for what the best manual transmission fluid is


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I have my 510 wagon with VG33 engine up and running and using it for errands around town - my project page has pictures. https://ratsun.net/topic/74834-72-510-goon-prova-because-it-will-be-a-test/


What I am curious about is the best transmission fluid to use?


The trans is a 5-speed Z31 transmission: FS5W71C and it works in all gears and shifts. It is a little bit noisy. I have no idea the origin of the trans - it came with the car and was bought a few years before I got the car. Not sure of the miles or history at all.


So I am looking to put the best fluid I can into it to either help renew it or at least keep it from getting ruined. I was thinking about using Amsoil synthetic manual transmission fluid.



What does everyone think? Any better suggestions?



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I began using Redline products in my Mitsubishi FWD transmissions years ago.  they offered a 75W85 GL4 (safe for brass synchros) that matched requirements.   with that.


For my older Datsuns (RWD), I have used mostly Valvoline, but I would have to confirm what viscosity.  I will be using a 280ZX trans in my 510 here in the near future, but I have not researched yet what viscosity that requires.  I will probably choose Redline if I find a match.


I wouldn't really worry about synthetic leaks.  This application is not pressurized, and you can certainly change the rear seal relatively easily if there is a problem.

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The GM Delco oil I use is thin! Like noticeably thinner than the 80w90 GL-4 regular dinosaur oil. So I don't know what viscosity it is, doesn't say. As mentioned previously I think all Synthetic gear oil is made by one supplier and brands just add coloring and a name.

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