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Trying to troubleshoot no spark condition and need link

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Years ago I replaced my distributor with the inductive pickup type that required the ignition module on the passenger side kick panel. I didn't have the ignition module so I used an ignition module from "i believe a 77 camaro" that has 4 lugs that sends the voltage to the coil for spark each time the distributor triggers.

 I used a nice diagram from this site. I'm not using the dizzy that has the square module on the side of the distributor.


Anyone have a link to help me determine if I have a bad ignition module or coil......I just went to start it a few hrs ago and have no spark from the coil. Trid to search the site but couldnt fond what I was looking for.


It may have been a link to the 521 site. ?20210913_104514.thumb.jpg.141a88dd14398c4b6ef8db2581e81dcc.jpg20210913_104604.thumb.jpg.658fd04c4844c401dd320edbf58ba793.jpg

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Found what i needed in the How To thread.


Should have went there 1st.


Thanks for maintaining  this site for those of us that are lucky enough to have something the just works - I never sell my Lil Hustler.  Wish I'd never sold my 79...or my 72 Datsun Trucks.


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Years ago I got any dizzy that looked salvageable from the local pull-it-part.  There is a plastic ball bearing piece in the distributor that made me give up on installing a dizzy.20210913_120411.thumb.jpg.1a5e523af8feabee086bc703f06fe5c3.jpg20210913_120713.thumb.jpg.f16530ad3de02ef904b45336369e9055.jpg

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