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1985 300zx non turbo


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So I just bought another z to add onto my collection and the issue is there is no spark (assumably) the car will roll over and we got it to start once but I took off and went to 5k rpm before we shut it off. I reset the timing recently, I’ve had no time to go through and get a new battery to see if I can get it to start. I did get a new edelbrock ignition coil and hopefully put the wires on right (previous owner did it janky). The car ran fine a few months ago but we were out on the highway screwing around and surprisingly the cam snapped, didn’t know that was possible. I ended up replacing the cams and shoving my cylinder camera down all six to check pistons and everything was all fine. But now I just have this issue 

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If it started once it's got spark. If you set the timing you got spark!!! Why you change the coil????????? Nothing wrong with a stock coil except not shiny. Hang onto old coil so you can put back when this doesn't help. Pull coil wire off distributor and put an old plug in the end, lay on grounded surface and turn engine with starter. Got spark????


Never mind the pistons what about bent valves????



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