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Air/pneumatic impact problems

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Hey guys…

A tool question?


I’ve been struggling with getting a few bolts LOOSE (on smaller semi’s), not my Datsun.

I’m running a Harbor Freight 175psi, 1.5HP, 20 gallon oilless air compressor.

Along with THESE Husky air tools (v).


I’m having a problem with power! Where this setup would be “ok” for some applications, it DEFINITELY doesn’t loosing the bolts on my semi frame.


Does someone have a suggestion in what I should run? Specifically, how can I get enough power to loosen larger bolts?








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What's the reverse torque rating on that impact?  


I have an IR 231c which has handled everything I've used it for. Those bolts in your pic surely can't be any worse than fwd axle nuts or 510 rear hub nuts.


A larger (eg 3/8") air delivery hose can help, and I also feel like the regulators on cheap compressors are a big limiting factor as their recovery time seems really bad - in other words, when you set the regulator to 90psi and then shoot a framing gun, for instance, it takes a noticable time for the hose pressure to get back to 90psi even as the tank pressure is well above...

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I had a similar problem with the bolts on my backhoe so I bought a 3/4 drive air impact and ran 3/8 air line just for that impact.  It worked well on all but the 1 1/2" nuts.  I had to extend my 3/4" breaker bar 6 feet to get the torque to break them loose!

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I have one of these it has been impressive for a harbor freight 

i would have never tried one if I hadn't used my friends first 

not sure how it will do with semis 

look for a high removal torque for best results



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Ok I modify my Harbor freights by first adjusting the cutoff switch to max pressure. Remove the pressure relief valve and add a T fitting in its place. Put the relief valve in the elbow and add another air fitting to the straight part of the T. This makes a nice straight dump of unregulated air to the tool. Fills tires faster ect too.

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6 hours ago, Draker said:

CFM is key when it comes to air compressors. Impacts, sanders, and blasting cabinets tend to need a lot of CFMs. 

Unless the regulator is the limiting factor, you should have plenty of initial air with a full tank to break bolts loose before pressure drops & the motor kicks on.  Continuous usage tools are another issue but for an impact he should be ok.

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